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the chevron clutch tutorial + pattern

I made a this diaper clutch for a baby shower recently, to go along with the applique onesies. It's so perfect for diapers and wipes...but it's also a great size for anything! I think it's the perfect date night clutch.

home dec weight fabric 1/2 yard
muslin cotton for lining
button, the bigger the better!

First, print out the pattern piece. The pattern is just for the top flap. I didn't want to waste paper when the rest of the clutch is made with straight edges! So, what you'll do is lay the pattern on your fabric. The finished clutch piece will be 11" wide and extend an extra 14.5" from the pattern piece. Got that?


 Your finished piece will be 14.5" PLUS the flap pattern by 11" wide. Cut out 1 of heavy weight cotton and 2 of quilting weight cotton. You can use muslin, a solid or a print for the lining. Having two layers will just make it nice and soft.

Stack the two layers of cotton on top of the chevron fabric with right sides together. Pin all the way around. Then sew all the way around, leaving a 3-4" opening on one of the SIDES. Make sure it is on the lower part of the clutch so it will close up when you sew the sides together later.

Trim all the way around and clip the rounded edges.

Turn it right side out and press. The little arrow shows what your opening should look like.

Fold up the bottom part of the clutch, 6.5" and pin in place. 

Now sew up the sides at 1/4", making sure to backstitch at each end.

The sides will look so good. Check it out. This is my favorite way to do a bag seam, it just looks so awesome!

Now all that is left is the velcro and the button. I like to fill up my clutch to help me decide where to put the velcro. You can just sorta eye it based on the picture below, if you want.

Sew on the velcro and then sew on the button. You are clutched!

Chevron is so hot!   

hak cipta see kate sew

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